Araby, land of mystery and nomads. Their steeds are famed across the world and the people who deal in them are held in greater esteem than their Old World equivelents. The Horse Trader deals in horses, but only the finest will he display. He buys the finest foals from the great Chieftens and then travels to great horse fairs, as far away as Middenhiem. Araby horses are considered much superior in speed and grace then the Old World breeds and fetch high prices among the nobles of the Empire and Bretonnia. An Araby horse tends to go fo 2 to 5 times it's Old World equivelent.

A succesful Horse Trader must excel at bargining for his wares and taking care of them. It is rumored that no honorable trader will sell a horse to one he suspects might abuse it, so deeply do they care for their animals. The Trader must also have a good sword arm to defend his horses against bandits and Goblins through the long trek to the distant fairs, but for the brave there are great profits to be made.



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