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Subject: New careers


(A new basic career for rangers)
People need food, somebody has to make it and besides from being such a person, the farmer is also the most important food supplier, maybe except for some coastal areas where the fisherman is more important.
Farmers spend most of their time out in the nature, close to the Old World's vast forests, busy clearing the land. They are therefore especially exposed to the dangers which the dark and mysterious forests inhabit. So it is not hard to understand why farmers need to be both hard-working and brave.
Farming may not be the easiest way to get rich and famous, but they always have food on the table and the work offers many challenges and a wide variety of tasks for those who are willing to work their way through life.

Advance Scheme

  • Agriculture*
  • Animal care
  • Carpentry
  • Drive cart
  • Identify plant
  • Farm with equipment and animals

Career exits: Druid, Militiaman

*New skill Agriculture: This skill is used if you want to know when and how to sow, harvest, plough and how to keep the fields is good order. The skill is governed by Int.