While most noblemen prefer to hunt with bow and arrow, they sometimes use falcons to hunt small game. The falconer trains these falcons (sometimes hawks) to hunt at the command of a human. Sometimes the noblemen compete, to see, who has got the best falcon, and since there is a lot of prestige to win in these competitions, an expert falconer is highly respected. A good falconer gets invitations to upper class parties and balls, and therefore he needs to know, how to behave in high society. Expert falconers often get permanent jobs, where they have to breed new falcons and hawks, and make sure, the "birds" get the proper training, while unknown falconers are hired to train a single falcon, or to help a more experienced falconer. If the falconer is unable to get employment, he can always travel around the Old World, entertaining people with animal shows.

Advance Scheme

  • Animal Care
  • Animal Training (Falcon)
  • Etiquette
  • Heraldry
  • 50% chance of Game Hunting
  • Falcon or Hawk (equal chance of either)
  • Glove
  • Bag with fresh meatballs

Career Entries: Druid, Rat Catcher

Career Exits: Druid, Entertainer (Animal Act), Squire

A hawk has the following profile:

If a successful attack causes additional damage (see WFRP, p122), ignore all damage rolls. Instead, the attack causes 1 point of damage to the head and the target is permitted an I test to avoid losing an eye (+10 bonus for wearing a full-face helmet or visor of any kind). Hawks fly as swoopers, and have the normal protections against missile fire (see WFRP, p129).

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