From Nov 8 14:09:44 1995
Subject: WFRP: New careers


Couriers have a perilous job delivering messages and packages from town to town, across country, for military or private concerns. Speed is of the essence as they travel on horseback through areas often plagued by outlaws and goblinoids.In all cases the couriers first recourse is to avoid trouble and flee, but unfortunately conflict cannot always be avoided... Many couriers are loners, prefering a horse for company. In all cases a horse is the couriers lifeline.

Many couriers become addicted to danger and find it hard to settle into more sedate life.It is unsurprising then that many turn to a life of adventure.


  • Animal Care
  • Dodge Blow
  • Orientation
  • Ride - Horse
  • Strike Mighty Blow
  • Trick Riding
  • 50% Sixth Sense
  • Horse
  • saddle & harness
  • Saddle bags
  • Mail Shirt
  • Water flask

Entered from: Coachman, Outrider, Roadwarden

Exits: Highwayman, Scout