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Alfred Nunez

Demagogues: (Advanced)

Order of the Ravening Pack

Members of the Order of the Ravening Pack are followers of Ulric. They travel the countryside vehemently speaking out against the influence of Chaos that they see permeate modern society. The Ravening Pack can be found throughout the Empire, Kislev, and southern Norsca. At times, they will even accompany a band of the Fangs of Winter (Fanatics). A sizable number of the Ravening Pack still continue to feed the flames of the Sigmarite Heresy, even though such doctrine was outlawed by the Cult hierarchy over 200 years ago.
For career advance scheme, career exits, and trappings see the Demagogue Advance Career, WFRP, page 96.

Rabble Rousers

Rabble Rousers travel from city to city, large town to large town, speaking out against the authorities who oppress the downtrodden masses. Their oratory usually enflame their audience into rioting mobs, especially if the authorities attempt to silence the demagogues. These riots also serve the purpose of providing cover for other followers of Ranald who lead the subsequent looting. In the mass confusion of the riots, the Rabble Rouser frequently get away to turn up another day in another city. Rabble Rousers tend to follow the aspect of Ranald the Protector.
For career advance scheme, career exits, and trappings, see the Demagogue Advance Career, WFRP, page 96.