Winecrafters: (Advanced)

Winecrafters are skilled in all stages of wine production. They can identify vintages, additives, and other properties of the wine through taste and smell. In many cases, Winecrafters blend various wines in differing measures to achieve a specific body, taste, and effect of the wine. Winecrafters are also skilled in preparing meals to complement the wine and hosting festivities. Moreover, Winecrafters have the ability to add specific herbs to certain wines so as to render the wine as a liquid drug.

Those who would become a Winecrafter must be members of the cult of Liadriel and have some farming and hosting skills. They must be approved by a Cleric of Liadriel and spend some time (years) learning their craft from experienced Winecrafters.

Advance Scheme

  • Carpentry
  • Consume Alcohol
  • Cook
  • Etiquette
  • Herb Lore
  • Identify Plant
  • Manufacture (Herbal) Drugs
  • Silent Move-Rural
  • Story Telling
  • Viniculture (see below)
  • Hand Weapon
  • Leather Jerkin
  • Pruning Tools
  • Wine Barrels
  • Underground Storage (Cave)

Career Entrances: Gamekeeper, Herbalist, Herdsman, Minstrel, Woodsman

Career Exits: Entertainer, Initiate (Liadriel), Raconteur

Viniculture: Characters with the viniculture skill can make wine. They understand the principles of the growing , harvesting, and crushing of grapes: the fermentation process; and the blending of wines. In addition, they are able to judge the quality of ingredients and the finished product, estimate fermentation in any given environment, and judge whether a particular vintage is ready. They also have a +10% modifier to their chance of noticing a drug or poison in wine (see Administering Poisons, WFRP, p 81). If successful, the presence of some foreign substance will be detected, but not its nature.