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Subject: WFRP: Another Career


Advanced Career
(As I have explained before, my games circle alot around the nobility, here's a career I've used for NPC's. You may or may not find it of use...)

The Steward is an individual responsible for the daily maintenance of a noble residence. He acts as a majordomo, a head of the household, a scribe, head butler, and a businessman. Usually, without a steward, or chancellor, a noble house would disintegrate without these highly specialized characters picking up the pieces that the noble has left behind. Their importance in major households makes them valued members of a royal family, almost a member themselves, and therefore above the abuse that the rest of the house is subjected to by their social betters!


  • Charm
  • (Embezzlement-if the character wants it!)
  • Etiquette
  • Evaluate
  • Haggle
  • Heraldry
  • Read/write
  • Secret Language Classical
  • Stewardship
  • Wit
    Well, a manor or palace for starts! Figure the rest out yourself! I can't hold your hand!

Career Entries: Exciseman, Herald, Raconteur, Scribe, Servant, Squire, Student, Charlatan (heh,heh,heh. Especially recommended as a Steward for PC nobles)

Career Exits: Lawyer, Castellan, Racketeer, Thief (embezzler)