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Subject: The smoking-room Anarchist

When Owen Cooper posted his Anarchist (Mark II)yesterday, I just couldn't resist.

So this is the necessary addition for all civilized areas of Bretonnia and the Empire.


The Smoking-Room Anarchist

Especially in the bourgois upperclasses of the Empire and Bretonnia there are a lot of idle young rich, who have taken up the burden of supporting the plight of the poor and downtrodden.

Their activism consists mainly of scholarly discussions, sometimes public speeches in the backrooms of fashionable inns, and the writing and printing of highly theoretical pamphlets only they understand.

Advance Scheme:

  • Blather
  • Philosophy
  • Consume Alcohol
  • Read/Write
  • Public Speaking
  • A monthly allowance of 10D6 GC
  • Elegant clothing
  • 5D6 political books
  • 2-3 sets of workers clothing

Career Entries:Noble

Career Exits:Outlaw, Charlatan, Agitator

This is of course mainly designed as a NPC-Comic-Relief-Career, but I can imagine it as a Starter Career too. Just think what happens, shoud the Character loose the protection of his family. Hell be a member of the downtrodden soon enough.

Thats it, Have fun,

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