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Alfred Nunez

Runesmiths (Advanced)

Runesmiths represent the highest achievement that Dwarven artisans can realize. It is they who produce the majority of the Dwarven Runic armor, weapons, warbanners, and other devices. Their skill and workmanship are superb, so much so that many races covet their creations. In Dwarven society, the more renown and senior Runesmiths are accorded the same level of esteem as the Dwarven warlords and the upper echelon of Grungni's clergy.

Those who become Runesmiths usually come as a promising apprentice from the Engineers' Guild or some other craft guild. All must be members of the cult of Grungni and are selected jointly by the highest ranking Runesmith of the Dwarfhold and the High Priest of Grungni. Those selected must serve an experience Runesmith for ten years, learning the all mysteries of runesmithing. At the end of the ten years, the individual assumes the title of Runesmith.

Advance Scheme

  • Arcane Language- Ancient Druidic
  • Arcane Language- Ancient Dwarf (Old Khazalid)
  • Ancient Language- Elemental Magick
  • Art
  • Daemon Lore
  • Engineer
  • Evaluate
  • Gem Cutting
  • History (Dwarven)
  • Magical Awareness
  • Magical Sense
  • Manufacture Magic Items
  • Meditation
  • Metallurgy
  • Mining
  • Rune Lore
  • Rune Mastery
  • Sixth Sense
  • Smithing
  • Stoneworking
  • Theology
  • Hand Weapon
  • Tools
  • Staff

Prerequisite Career: Artisans' Apprentice, Engineer

Career Exits: Initiate (Grungni), Templar (Order of the Stone Wall)