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Subject: [WFRP:994] (Fwd) New Career: Artist's Apprentice


Advanced Career

Some artists use their talents in praise of their respective gods and re= ligion. Although not sharing the same affluence and wealth of the High Society Artist, their lives are far more comfortable, doing frescoes in churches and temples, triptychs for alters, and other inspiring paintings. Their work is especially prolific amongst the grandeur (although some critics would say "gaudy") churches and spires. The most famous of religious painters is of course the Tilean Master Miguelangelo. Others include the Estalian Hieronymous Posh, and the Imperial Ruprecht Durer.

These artists reject the false, transitory, crass nature of materialism embraced by the High Society Artists, and the empty self indulgence and self destruction of the Degenerate Artist, and choose the safety and solitude of worship through art.


  • Art (in requisite area)
  • Artistic Expertise (in requisite area)
  • Plus the following skills under the type of artist:
    • Religious Artist
    • Cult Lore
    • Read/Write
    • Rhetoric
  • Art Supplies
  • Holy Symbol
  • Robes
  • Temple Apartment, Spartan

Career Entries : Artist's Apprentice, Initiate, Entertainer: Actor, Poet

Career Exits : Agitator, Cleric (If Initiate already completed), Initiate

Artistic Expertise (New Skill) The Art skill of the same sort is necessary to have Artistic Expertise. =

A character with Artistic Expertise can produce Artwork of far greater caliber than someone with just the Art Skill. This skill gives a further +10% to all Busk tests, and the Artist may demand two to three times as much for their work. The Artistic Expertise is divided up into the same categories as Art. This Skill will also include Muscianship and Sing.