From: *Spindle* <>
Subject: [WFRP:1087] Last Political Career


Advanced Career
The Political Reactionary is a person who believes in direct action. Following some manner of political doctrine, they follow it in a blind and radical belief. Tired of speeches and rallies, they look to force for "liberation". Often seeking empowerment for some abstract notion such as the "laboring classes", they will often erect barricades, burn down opposition buildings, battle with the watch and other authority figures, and generally seek the overthrow of whatever it is that they are fighting against. All too often, when captured in a street battle or at an illegal meeting, these "terrorists" or "peace seeking lovers of freedom" will be captured, tried in a "court of justice" or in a "kangaroo court of the elite oppressors" and then "executed" or "martyred" depending on what side of the political spectrum one stands.
Many, wanted by authority figures and pursued by bounty hunters, flee into the forest, and take up the struggle with their "rural agrarian brothers". Others simply forget their views and take up banditry.


  • Flee!
  • Political Doctrine
  • Specialist Weapon-Fist
  • Specialist Weapon-Incediary
  • Street Fighting
  • Strike Mighty Blow
  • Black Clothing
  • Black Scarf
  • Club
  • Knuckledusters
  • Pamplets

Career Entries: Agitator, Laborer, Political Activist, Student

Career Exits: Highwayman, Outlaw, Political Activist, Political Dissedent, Protagonist, Saboteur


       Rev. Garett Lepper

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      -J.R. "Bob" Dobbs