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Advanced Career

The Political Activist is similar to an Agitator. However, where as an Agitator seeks to change or alter the existing order or social ills, the Political Activist adopts a radical political doctrine, and then forces the world to fit their new perceptions and doctrine. The Political Activist relies on their dogma to solve all the world's social ills, and to justify their own misfortune (labelled by them as "oppression" or "persecution"). The Political Activist will frequently run into hostility from the group they are seeking to overthrow or weaken, and see the resulting tension as proof of the hostility that the "establishment" harbors towards them.

The Political Activist will spend long hours printing pamphlets, spouting revolutionary slogans and speeches from a soap box, organizing rallies and petititions, fleeing from authorities, and spontaneously breaking into "revolutionary" fervor by singing their favorite protest songs.


  • Art-Printing Plates
  • Political Doctrine
  • Public Speaking
  • Read/Write
  • Sing
  • Access to printing press
  • Pamplets
  • Revolutionary Song Book
  • Soap Box

Career Entries : Agitator, Artist, Entertainer, Student

Career Exits : Artist, Demagogue, Philosopher, Political Dissident, Political Reactionary, Saboteur

Political Doctrine (New Skill)
Political Doctrine is an offshoot of the Philosophy Skill (See Philosopher Career for details). The Political Doctrine is a series of dogmatic views about the existing political orders. Some are conservative, other's liberal, and nearly all are reactionary and dogmatic. People with this skill tend to see all issues as a result of politics and the exercise of political power. Due to their dogmatic viewpoints, many of the political organizations can be manipulated by Chaos cults. There are a number of doctrinal types, and the player with the skill should choose one of the following:

Anarchist-Anarchist believe that the whole political process is to blame for all of societies ills. All people are autonomous rational individuals who are capable of dealing with each other on an equal basis. Politics upsets this by giving some people a false and heightened status at the expense of the others. Therefore, all forms of organized political leadership or institutions must be overthrown. Not simply all nobility and an royalty, buy any form of political organization. In an ideal state of anarchy, each man (and woman-some Anarchists claim) will be allowed to do and act in the natural state of peace and prosperity that would exist. Popular Anarchist thinkers are Erma Goldberg of Middenheim, and Mikhail Dakunin of Kislev. The slogans of the Anarchists are phrases like "Anarchy and Freedom", "Wealth is a ghetto", and "If I can't dance, I don't want to join your revolution!" Anarchists are recognized by their wearing of black clothing, or at least a black scarf, and black flags.
Autocratic-A Kislevan political view endorsed by the Tsar, this principle believes that the Tsar is an enlightened despot, and his power must remain absolute. If the Tsar loses power or affluence to the nobility, a weakening of Kislev will be inevitable. And if Kislev is weakened, the tides of Chaos will wash over all of Kislev. Therefore any disobediance to the Tsars decrees or orders is treason, and punishable by death...Popular quotes are "Long live the Tsar!", "The Tsar is always right!" and "Take that you Anarchist! And that! And that! "
Chartists-Chartists are a more legitimate movement, based in rich towns and cities. Merchants and local elites attempt to gain an Imperial Charter, like that of Kemperbad, seeking less interference and autonomy. These are sophisticated movements, far from the rabble and uproar of the other political movements.
Communalists-Based on rudimentary economic principle, that an unequitable distribution of wealth creates an equal distribution of power. That the Nobility, along with the relgious orders have oppressed the common man, and that a violent overthrow by the common man of the nobility is inevitable. The class system and hierarchy of exploitation will end, when the nobility, the clergy, and the new class of parasites known as merchants are trodden under. The central thinker of this theory is Carl Manx of Nuln. Popular slogans are "Class War!", "The Only Solution-Revolution!", "Keep Warm-Burn the Rich!", "Death to the Bourgeoisie Pigs!", "Power to the people!", and "Laborers and workers, throw off your chains, for you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!" Communalists are frequently identified by their berets, red scarfs and red flags.
Democratic-A political view from Bretonnia, Democrats believe that all nobility and royalty must step down in favor of popularly elected leaders. They believe that all power comes from the people, and hence should be governed by the people. Each man (and just men) should have equal power in the form of a vote. Democrats are situated in some Tilean cities, but mostly in Bretonnia and in Marienburg. Popular Democratic writers were mostly from Giseroureax such as Jacques Jean Clousseau, Thomas Laque, and Jean Hobbes. Popular democratic slogans are "One man, one vote", "Peace and Bread!","The king to the guillotine!" and "Don't trample me!"
Imperialist-similar to the Autocratic view, this belief is different in the belief that all the Emperors are the divine servants of Sigmar Heldenhammer, and thus the Emperor is a instrument of divine will. The Imperialist are often nobles studying at university and reacting to the more radical movements in the universities. The Imperials have the implicit approval of the nobility and the royalty. Many are expansionists, who believe in a vigorous expansionist policy to regain Imperial prestige and wealth.
Republicans-Republicans are members of an Imperial faction, often merchants and intellectuals who believe that the Emperor and the Electors positions should be validated by a vote taken by all wealthy landowning types.
Solidarity Movements-The Solidarity Movements believe in the removal (peaceful or forcible) of all non Humans from the Empire, and the execution of anyone displaying a mark or taint of chaos. Ultra nationalist also, they are often linked to the Imperialis movement. They are often responisble for attacks on foreigners and Dwarven and Elven owned businesses.

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