From: "G.G.Lepper" <>
Subject: WFRP: New Career

New Advanced Career


Many citizens of the Old World, after having successful careers in business, politics, religion, find time in their leisure to ask esoteric questions about the nature of things (like life, nature, knowledge, will, science, reality, the gods, humanity, blah, blah, blah). True, anyone can contemplate the intricacies of life, but some people have either an abundance of ideas, or too much leisure time. They often gather in cosmopolitan cities to discuss their ideas. Often sectarian in nature, and sometimes questioning the status quo, they often find their ideas not neccessarily well liked byt the political, military, and religious authorities, and possibly persecuted!


    Blather Philosophy (New Skill!) Read/Write Secret Language Classical Story Telling Theology
    Appropriate clothing: maybe a beret, nez pinces (little glasses) Books Paper

Career Entries: Agitator, Demagogue, Noble, Lawyer, Raconteur, Merchant, Artisan, Scholar, Charlatan, Wizard, Cleric

Career Exits: Well, once a philosopher, always a philosopher! What's you've sussed out the reality of nature, the nature of god, and the divine purpose of life, what's left?! How could one turn to mundane worldly pursuits. Since this is a complete roleplaying career, no list is going to be suitable. It's up to the player and the GM to decide what's next...possibly scholar, raconteur, (maybe a bawd, if the philosopher's a hedonist...).

Philosophy (New Skill) Yes, anyone can question reality. But the Philosophy skill is knowledge of Philosophy as an art. Prominent philosophers, their theories, are all covered by the skill. One special bonus of this skill. Any philosopher that has both blather and Philosophy, can try to blather philosophy. When used against an opponent to blather or bluff, who can understand the philosophers language, and has an

Intelligence of thirty of more, gains a total of +20 to the roll. If successful, the "victim" is shocked by the keen mind of the philosopher, and is confused, contemplating life, for double the normal duration (i.e. 2d6 rounds). It only works against intelligent creatures. An orc being blathered to by a philosopher is just going to run the rambling old fool through with a sword!!!!

Role playing Notes:

This is definetely a role playing career. I made this one up for one of my particularly better players. This is a career that one can definetely sink his teeth into. While not powerful, it can make the game very interesting.
A trapped party in an old Dwarven mine:
"Yes, you could say that this is the end of us. But, maybe Von Halstadt was right, when he said that every end is actually a beginning! Maybe the nature of life is a cycle, not linear after all...Maybe this is quite fortuitous, I've never been allowed to test Von Halstadt's theory...Maybe..."
So on, so on.
Other Ideas:
  > A PC philosopher's ideas are radicalized by a political agitator 
and mass printed.  The political authorities are looking for the 
hapless fool-the philosopher.
 >  A cult has been offended by one of the philophers writings, and 
look to persecute the hapless fool.
 >  A Chaos cult finds the writers theories on hedonism of particular 
interest.  Slaanesh followers call.  Or maybe Khorne followers call, 
putting an end to the hapless fools theories.  Or maybe a Witchhunter 
misconstrues the writers work, and come calling...