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Subject: WFRP: Mean, Green and very Magical (long)

Yes I'm back again writing up some more stuff which you might like to share your comments with me on.

Savage Orc Shamens

A savage orc Shamen is the hub of the tribe and amongst the chieftan's most trusted advisors in all matters from war to the menu of the evening. They play the role of both tribal witchdoctors and powerful spellcasters roled into one big bundle of green violence. The are famous for their ability to create potions ( as well as consume large proportions of alcohol :-) ) and one of the main functions within the tribe is to prepare the tattoos which every savage Orc covers themselves with when preparing for battle. Not only do they do this but the boyz in return chant wildly around the shamen in order to enhance the shamen's power.

PROFILE (just whack this on top of the basic savage Orc profile)

Skills Lvl.1Skills Lvl.2
  • Divination (throwing bones and chicken guts around generally)
  • Manufacture Potion (the dread fungus curry etc...)
  • Manufacture Ink (is manufacture the right word for an Orc?) *
  • Identify Plant/fungi
  • Dance (i.e. jump about yelling a lot!)
  • War Chant *
  • Frenzied Attack
  • Consume Alcohol (lots of it...)
  • Cast Spells - Orc 1
  • Heal Wounds (I'm not sure about this - but witchdoctor aspect?)
  • Enforce Tattoos *.
  • Consume Fungus Curry (???)
  • Cast Spells - Orc 2
* = new skill


War Chant - This skill can only be used if their is a least 5 other savage Orcs within 20yds (?) of the shamen. The shamen starts up the chant and the Boyz join in. This wild energy gives the shamen more magical power, an extra d6 magic points which will disappear at the end of the turn if they are unused.

Enforce Tattoos - When the shamen is with the Boyz he can reinforce the psycology which makes the tattoos work (see below) he can convince the Boyz that their tattoos will protect them really well and therefore the protection given by protective tattoos is increased to 1 AP on all locations.

Manufacture Inks - Along the lines of the manufacture potions skill.


Created by the manufacture Inks skill, tattoos aren't magical they work on the basis of simple psycology - the Orcs believe they work so they do! These inks are more like paints really and must be reapplied every so often after wear due to weather, battle or just general sweating. The process of covering the body with tattoos take about an hour to do.

Basic Inks are: Protective Tattoos; 0/1 AP on all locations (can be reinforced see above)
Go Fasta red Tattoos; M+1

Other tattoos are specific to individual tribes and shamens I will cover more in my forthcoming section on Savage Orc Culture/Tribes/Rituals)


these are just sketchy plans adapt or ignore them as you like, Orcs could just as easily use normal battle magic

DIE YER GIT : This is the Orc version of the Battle 1 fireball spell.

I'M WELL 'ARD : Endows the caster with +10 WS, +1 S/T/A, +5 W.

META-MORE-PHOCIS (or Metamorphosis) : Enables the caster to take the form of a non-fantastical, non-giant animal (remember: Orcs can't act)

EAT DIS : Like a fireball but instead it is an extremely large, smelly ball of dung/mud/gunk causing d3 hits at S2 causing d4 wounds each (is this too much?)

YOU YELLA BUGGER : Target creature must make a WP test or be forced to flee combat.

BOOOOM!!! : An ear shattering blast of sound envelopes the target creature/ group if a WP test is failed the target/s become stunned for d10 rounds.

HEAD BANGER : The Targer creature, if failing a WP test is reduced -10 to LD, CL, INT, WP for d10 hours?

BURP!!! SORRY I ATE A CURRY : The caster belches a cloud of sickly greem/ yellow vapour towards an opponent causing a stinging sensation in the eyes (loss of -20 I for d6 rounds) and if they fail a S/WP test they are forced to vomit falling prone for d6 rounds and losing -5 from all percentile characteristics for about d10 hours.

Thats it for now. I didn't want to make Savage Orcs into a Player Character race because I felt it didn't work (but feel free to adapt if you so wish it :-) ) I am currently working on some Tribes/Customs/culture stuff for Orcs which I'll post if anyone is interested. This is for Dave Selin especially 'cause he wrote me a nice letter

Bye, Bye for now

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