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The Oracle

Oracles are those struck with divine insight, receiving information directly from their god. While some Oracles can be found in temples throughout the Old World, others seek solitude in the wilderness, away from the distractions of human society. One does not choose to become an oracle, but is chosen for the honour by the character's God. The repeated contact withe the divine tends to warp the minds of even the most resolute, and thus oracles are almost invariably eccentric if not insane.

Player Characters are never likely to become Oracles. If, for some reason, this was to occur the character will be effectively removed from play.

Advance Scheme

    Prophesy Divination Magical Sense Magical Awareness Sixth Sense Luck Mental Fortitude (any skills associated with the oracle's diety)

Career Entries: Cleric, Seer

Career Exits: None

Skill Descriptions
This skill is a far more powerful version of Divination (see the WFRP rulebook) as it invloves direct contact with the character's diety in order to gain information. Prophesy is ONLY available to characters in the Oracle career and may never be taken by Player Characters of any sort.
The information imparted by the Oracle will generally be deliberately vague or in the form of a riddle. It may well be slanted to suit the purposes of the diety consulted. Many prophesies may also be self-fulfilling - Greek Mythology is an abundant source of these.

Mental Fortitude
Years of careful mental discipline has developed the character's mind to such a degree that they are immune to fear, terror and any form of mind control or mind reading except where caused by a Greater Daemon, Wistentlich or god.
Note that in the case of Oracles, this skill reflects their divine protection and state of mental imbalance.

Using Oracles In Games: The general of the Imperial Army may go to the Temple of Sigmar to consult the Oracle before a battle. Characters may have to find an oracular hermit who resides somewhere in the forest, etc. Finding an oracle could be an adventure goal, or a good hook to convince the party to go where the GM wants them to ;) Note that anything the Oracle fortells WILL HAPPEN, so it is often best to be as vague as possible to avoid GMing yourself into a difficult corner. Ambiguous words should be used whenever possible.


PC: "Oh oracle most wise, tell me what the future holds for me"
Oracle: "I see great dangers ahead and much shedding of blood but great riches
         for the mighty"
{when the GM doesn't feel like telling them anything - this could describe
almost any adventure involving combat}

PC: "Oh oracle most wise, tell me what the future holds for me"
Oracle: "You will find glory beyond mortal comprehension waiting beneath the
         ruins of Praag"
{self fulfilling in that now the PCs are going to head off to Praag to find
out what's there :)  Ambiguous in that the "glory" could be through the 
acheivement of a goal, or "glory" referring to the nature of Arianka, who is
entombed beneath the riuns in a cystal coffin ... or both if they get her out}

PC: "Oh oracle most wise, tell me what the future holds for me"
Oracle: "You will suffer great hurt at the hands of one whom you call friend"
{could be indicative of an NPC betrayal, or simply self-fulfilling as the 
character gets really paranoid around the other PCs.  Alternately, it may mean
that someone by the name of Karl Freund is going to dob them in for Necromancy}

PC: "Is the Graf a mutant?"
Oracle:  "His true nature shall be revealed in
time" {he could have given a straight yes or no answer, but life should never
be easy.  This could mean "yes he is a mutant", or then again maybe the Graf
ruled against the construction of a new temple for his diety and he feels like
slanting the answer so that he seems to be one - even though he isn't}

Nothing should ever be free or easy.  In return for information of any
meaningful kind, the characters should almost certainly be sent on a quest.
Responses like the ones above might be suitable response to a donation or going
to get the oracular hermit some nuts and berries to eat - perfectly noble
payments, but not much on a cosmic scale - which is, after all, what we are
dealing with here :)

So what do you all think?

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