From: "Mr. Whippy" <>
Subject: WFRP: Rant: New Career


(Advanced Career)


  • Drive-Cart
  • Etiquette
  • Heraldry
  • Immunity to Disease
  • Intimidate*
  • Linguistics
  • Public Speaking
  • Ride-Horse
  • Speak Additional Language
  • Story Telling
  • Broad brimmed hat and robes of appropriate clerical order/deity
  • D6 Blank maps (to be filled in)
  • Horse
  • Saddle and Harness
  • Theological/Religious texts
  • Writing equipment
  • 2d6 followers including
    • A scribe
    • Hunter
    • Initiate(s)
    • d3 muleskinners and mules
    • and possibly a Templar(on pennance/quest etc)
  • 500GC in the form of jewellery and gaudy trinkets.
*cf. Apocalypse now p.18 or WD#93(?)

Career Entries: [MUST have completed Initiate]. Cleric, Explorer, Noble (Rank1), Scholar.

Career Exits: Cleric (of next Level), Diplomat (cf. earlier list material), Explorer, Slaver, Merchant, Spy, Noble (Rank 3 - if applicable)

Missionaries take the hardest path through the ranks of the Church. They take the word of thier Gods to the unenlightened in far off lands. Braving disease, restless natives and natural disatsers their life is not easy - but the rewards are potentially immense - Gold, artifacts and treasures; and should the temptations prove too great - slaves. It is a sad fact that not every missionary leave s for the new lands with good intentions at heart.

So folks what do you think? The character works quite well in campaign (giving a non-clerical route out of the church BUT keeping tabs o the PC all the same). The Career was based on all those films of missionaries you see in the Movies, you know the ones about Christopher Columbus et al.