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Midwives: (Basic)

Midwives of Rhya are widely known for their expertise in the delivery of babies. This exclusive group of women (mostly human and Halfling) travel from village to village facilitating childbirth and easing the associated pain. Naturally, their reputation is such that they are welcomed wherever they travel and are often sought out by the rural aristocracy to deliver their heirs.

To become a Midwife, one must have been an initiate of Rhya for at least two years and selected by a council of Clerics.

Advance Scheme

  • Cook
  • Cure Disease
  • Drive Cart
  • Heal Wounds
  • Herb Lore
  • Identify Plant
  • Immunity to Disease
  • Manufacture Drugs (herbal base only).
  • Green chasuble with cult symbols
  • sling bag with dried herbs
  • pestle and mortar
  • shoulder bag with towels and baby blankets

Career Entrances: Initiate (Rhya)

Career Exits: Cleric (Level 1- Rhya), Pharmacist, Physician's Student

Alfred Nunez