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Subject: [WFRP:994] (Fwd) New Career: Artist's Apprentice


Advanced Career
Only the best and most enduring of Artists ever attain the status of Master. Once an Artist has acquired this level of ability, they are free to choose whatever they want to do. Their work is in so much demand, that everybody will tolerate their eccentricities, peculiarities, and their whimsical demands. The Master Artist will often seek a place to work in exclusion, emerging only to sell their work for outrageous amounts to fawning admirers and patrons, regardless of the quality of their work.


  • Art Mastery (in requisite area)
  • Finest Art Supplies
  • Secluded Cottage

Career Entries: Artist

Career Exits: Art Patron

Art Mastery (New Skill)
The Art Mastery Skill reflects the epitome of artistic ability. The Artist with this skill may create new and visionary pieces, immortalized in their own distinct style. Any painting with their signature or in their style is worth from four to five times as much as a normal painting, and a painting by a dead Master may sell for as much as ten times the original value. All Busk tests are made at +30.

This Skill may only be acquired by gaining the Art, Art Expertise, and completing this career. It cannot be learned without entering this career through the career path.