Wood-elf Lorekeeper

Lorekeepers are old Wood Elves who live in the temples, writing down the knowledge the elves accumulate during their lives, teaching others, and generally keeping all the information safe. They are very respected and can't be ordered by many, and have formal status that allows them to eg. keep a few wardancers as their bodyguard should they get anywhere from their temples.

Few Lorekeepers ever depart from the temples, but some are come over by the need to fill the tablets they have, and go out of the elven lands to the wide world, to gather more information, more knowledge. This they write down onto the Tablets of Knowldge (heavy copper tablets) using a script only they know - a script that is VERY small and hard, as very much information has to be fitted into a small space for it to be useful.

The Celestial mage of the group who's a Lorekeeper is a little over 1000 years old. I mean, when I said that they're old, I truly meant it. Also, as a Celestial mage, he slowly gains the mental disorder Knowledge Hungry (as well as some others), which was part of the reason he left the temple: there is a large world out there, and so much information and knowledge to gather.. Someone HAS to do it, less it be lost forever.

Unfortunately I don't remember the careers from which one can enter the Lorekeeper career, but it's Wood Elf only anyway (I know there is the Dwarven loremaster career, too, and so on, but all the others are different - this is Wood Elf Lorekeeper, not a general career) and advanced career. And of course it's Acadamic career. So, from this information You should be able to decide who is and who isn't allowed to enter this career.

Career Type: advanced Academic

  • Metalworking
  • History - Elven
  • Read/Write
  • Identify Plants
  • Rune Lore
  • Astronomy
  • Numismatics
  • Speak additional Language
  • Heraldry
  • Writing equipment
  • 2d6 tablets of knowledge

Career exits: Explorer

Elandal (aka Ismo Peltonen)