Artisan - Locksmith

DESCRIPTION: The locksmith is able to get in most places, were other people can't, that's his trade. What most people don't think about is his ability to open locks without being asked to do so. This is a favourite cover for thieves. Locksmiths are usually only found in the larger towns. Only wealthier families can afford a good Locksmith because they don't just buy a lock, they also buy the Locksmith's discretion...


  • Drive Cart
  • Magical Sense
  • Scroll Lore
  • Secret Language - Guilder
  • Secret Signs - Artisan
  • Metallurgy
  • Pick Lock
  • Smithing
  • Leather jerkin
  • Lock picking tools
  • 1d6 locks and keys
  • 5d6GCs
  • Small room with a small forge and lock casts

CAREER ENTRIES: Artisans Apprentice-Locksmith, Any other Artisan type, Thief, Engineer, Inventor

CAREER EXITS: Thief, Forger, Artisan - Blacksmith