Here's a new career. I know that there is a translator, but the career doesn't cover enough ground


Advanced Career
The various languages and dialects of the Old World require many merchants, military forces, and local authorities in areas such as ports and major trading centers to employ interpreters. Many spend time in waterfronts and ports, acting as intermediaries between merchants and the port authorities. Others accompany diplomats and other envoys to foreign lands. Many colleges and universities will also employ them, for teaching or translating. The least fortunate find themselves trekking around the countryside with armies, acting as a liason with the less than friendly local population.


  • Linguistics
  • Mime
  • Read/Write
  • Speak Additional Language
  • Speak Classical
  • d3 foreign dictionaries

Career Entries: Exciseman, Pedlar, Student, Trader

Career Exits: Diplomat, Merchant, Scholar


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