From: Paolo & Marco Bizzarri <>
Subject: WFRP: Please excuse me

Please excuse me: I'm writing because a group of strange looking halflings tied to my chair and obliged to do so.

Here's their message.


We, the halfling community of the Warhammer World, are a little tired of not being taken too much into account. Therefore, we want to show something you ignored until now: the Head Cook (also know as Le Chef).

Le Chef

Almost every merchant or noble house have a cook. Many times this is an halfling. Most of the halflings working as cooks belong to the Cooks' Guild, a public association of halfling with the purpose to provide reliable cooks (i.e. cooks which will not poison the food).
The few halflings passing special cook test are allowed to enter in the highly respected ranks of the Chef, cooks able and reliable enough to enter in the service of the highest nobility and the most powerful merchants. Their Guild, the so called 'Cake Fellowship', has the secret purpose to help those halflings in troubles. Indeed, this can happen very often, when you're only 3 or 4 feet tall, you aren't not as strong as a dwarf and most of the humans thought you're only good to cook.
Because of this role, this secret association often has contact with the clerics of Ranald. Often Ranald clerics become Chief (Esmeralda says nothing about stealing), gaining the possibility to enter the richest houses with little or no effort (to say so).


  • Cook (of course!)
  • Herb Lore
  • Secret Language - Cook (See below)
  • Immunity to Poison
  • Etiquette
  • A chef hat
  • A set of very sharp knife (never used for other than cooking!)
  • 1d6 cooking books

Career Entries: Servant, Innkeeper, Herbalist Esmeralda /Ranald Initiate

Career Exits: Herbalist, Esmeralda/Ranald Initiate

I hope you enjoy this (OF COURSE I ENJOY IT, DEAR HALFLINGS)

Please excuse me, but is Friday, my HP doesn't work, I've deadlines for
Monday, etc. etc.


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