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Subject: WFRP: Khaine clerics in Dunkelklaue...Skills and Spells


Clerics of Khaine in the Dunkelklaue have to lead double lives. they cannot openly follow their god, even in Sartosa, and have to have some ostensible occupation. Since they are all literate and know the Classical language, they often become Academics of various sorts, or else low-level bureaucrats. (deletia) Those who cannot or will not become bureaucrats often find work as footpads, racketeers, or assassins. Unsurprisingly, they are extremely effective in these careers, and find pleasing Khaine and making a living quite, quite compatible.

Advancement for Clerics of Khaine is more difficult than it is for clerics of other deities. The advance scheme is as it is in WFRP p. 151, but the skills required are as follows:


(Notes: Initiates' skills are largely gained for the purpose of aiding full Clerics with their poison-preparation and other religous duties)

First Level:

Second Level: Third Level: Fourth Level:

Spells available to Khaine clerics:
Petty Magic
  • Curse
  • Glowing Light
  • Magic Alarm
  • Magic Lock
  • Open
  • Reinforce Door
  • Sleep
Battle 1Battle 2Battle 3
  • Cause Animosity
  • Immunity from Poison
  • Steal Mind
  • Strength of Combat
  • Aura of Protection
  • Cause Frenzy
  • Cause Hatred
  • Cause Panic
  • Cone of Sanctuary
  • Animate Sword
  • Arrow Invulnerability
  • Cause Fear
  • Curse of Arrow Attraction
  • Dispel Aura
Demon 1Demon 2
  • Bind demon
  • Dispel lesser demon
  • Summon Guardian
  • Summon Lesser Demon
  • Zone of Demonic Nullification
Illusionist 1
  • Assume Illusionary Appearance
  • Clone Image
Necro 1Necro 2Necro 3
  • Hand of Death
  • Summon Skeletons
  • Control Undead
  • Extend Control
  • Hand of Dust
  • Annihilate Undead
  • Life in Death

The Gift of Khaine: Clerics of Khaine of the fourth level who have particularly pleased the god may, at the god's discretion, be transformed into vampires upon their deaths. As vampires, they have all the powers of a vampire as per the WFRP rulebook, and retain all the skills and powers they had as clerics of Khaine. Vampires are hellishly effective as leaders of Khainite covens, and even vampires who had nothing to do with Khaine or his followers during their mortal lives find Khaine-cultists extremely useful allies.

To determine whether or not a Khaine cleric receives the Gift of Khaine, roll on d100 and give up 200 xp. Any result above 90 means that the god has decided to bestow the Gift, effective immediately upon the cleric's death. Results may be modified so that a cleric who is the embodiment of Khainite ideals has as much as a +25 on the roll.

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