From Mon Aug 14 08:51:49 1995
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 1995 21:37:56 -0500
From: Wesley Schwein <>
Reply to: The wfrp mailing list <>
Subject: WFRP: interpreter basic career

The interpreter is, obviously, someone who speaks at leat one foreign language fluently. Interpreters accompany merchant ships, trudge through mountain passes with mule trains, hire themselves out to foreigners in cities, aid millitary and diplomatic envoys, and make themselves found generally wherever their services are needed.

This is intended to be a sort of generic interpreter career... feel free to alter it as you see fit. I'd recomend, for example, to choose languages spoken based on the background for the character rather than determining randomly.

Advance scheme

  • Linguistics
  • Speak additional language
  • 50% chance Speak [another] language
  • 25% chance Secret Language (Classical)
  • 50% Etiquette
  • 25% Read/Write
  • 10% chance
  • Whatever seems appropriate for the specific character: travel boots & cloak for an interpeter who marches with a caravan; fine clothes for a noble's assistant, &c.

Career entrances: Boatman, Bawd, Muleskinner, Pedler, Student, Trader

Career exits: Bawd, Pedler, Trader, Entertainer, Raconteur