From: *Spindle* <>
Subject: [WFRP:1088] Evangelist


Advanced Career

Evangelists are popular preachers, who seek to escape the normal confines of religious institutions by bringing their religion to people. Often traveling about with a flock of devotees, they hold extravagant outdoor affairs with speeches, acts of healing, and miracle. People flock in droves to see a popular evangelist who will attempt to renew the influence or power of their religious sect. Many are also attempting to line their own pockets.
Traditional religious organizations frown upon these Evangelists, and many Evangelists end up chased out of a town, or hunted down and burned by Witchhunters for heresy.


  • Acting
  • Blather
  • Charm
  • Cult Lore
  • Intimidate
  • Public Speaking
  • Seduction
  • Story Telling
  • Hymnal
  • Religious Books
  • Several Assistants

Career Entries: Charlatan, Cleric, Demagogue, Seer

Career Exits: Charlatan, Demagague, Outlaw Chief


       Rev. Garett Lepper

"Eternal Salvation or Triple Your Money Back!"
      -J.R. "Bob" Dobbs