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Subject: WFRP: New Career: Diplomat

Diplomat- Advanced Career

Diplomats are representatives of various noble houses and nations. These diplomats are highly distinguished individuals who are used to deal with problems between other countries. As opposed to Ambassadors, who are the representatives of their countries, diplomats are distinguished individuals dispatched to take care of urgent matters. These matters could be negotiations about trade, border disputes, peace treaties, alliances, threats of war, the diplomat is the person for keeping his countries interests safe. As such they are highly competant individuals, well trained, and well paid.

Advance Scheme

  • Charm
  • Cryptography
  • Diplomacy
  • Etiquette
  • Heraldry
  • Law
  • Linguistics
  • Read/Write
  • Secret Language: Classical
  • Speak Add. Lang
  • Codebook
  • Diplomatic papers
  • Writing Equipment
  • Scribe
  • Escorts:
    possible a spy
  • Coach

Career Entries: Lawyer, Mercant, Noble(Baron or higher), Spy

Career Exits: Demagogue, Lawyer, Merchant, Noble, Spy, Scholar

New Skill: Diplomacy
The diplomacy skill allows the character to understand and negotiate correctly in affairs concerning the state. The character has a reaonable understanding of national issues of his and other countries, and how to manipulate and alter negotitions in his favor. It works nearly the same as haggling. It's up to the GM to decide how he chooses to Test this skill. Remember that diplomatic actions are long tedious affairs with proposals, counterproposals, demands, compromise, and a good deal of lying! Fun!

Notes: This diplomat was designed to fulfill the roles for one of the PC's after Empire in Flames. I think that a Ambassador career, while interesting, could prove sedentary. This career offers a lot of traveling, and is a good way of allowing the character's to get around the Old World and beyond at their lieges' expense! Assasination attempts, spies, false diplomatic orders, ambushes, and all kinds of political intrigue can develop out of this career. It also provide a useful NPC class, with the players as the diplomats escort. I often have the Emperor also send Diplomats as envoys, with the PC trying to rob free towns such as Kemperbad of their autonomy. That makes for one devious adventure, trying to undermine people's freedom for territorial gain and taxes! Devious!

I took three skills that I had originally included in my post because I wasn't sure if they were neccessary. You may want to include them, and you might not. Acting, so he would be able to present a false facade while he's lying through his teeth, Public Speaking, allowing him to make gradiose speeches at formal affairs, and Wit to allow him to charm and ingratiate himself to the other parties in the negotiations. What do you think? Should they stay or should they go?
By the way, people who spend time designing, playtesting, and finally posting their careers, may possibly appreciate some response or criticism to all their hard work. If you enjoy seeing new posts, you might want to indulge their author's need for attention. Not that I'm implying anything...
But if you do happen to respond, they would be greatly appreciated. So write!
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