From: *Your Personal Savior* <>
Subject: [WFRP:994] (Fwd) New Career: Artist's Apprentice


Advanced Career

The Artist is a person whose natural gifts and genius have finally been recognized (possibly) by the general public, who still probably doesn't fully appreciate the artist as much as they should... There are always those artists who reject the trashy commercial pieces of the High Society Artist, or the sentimental and sappy work of the Religous Artist, and seek to use their art to depict the real essence of existence. The Degenerate Artist often immerses himself or herself into all manner of experiences, especially drinking, drugs, sex, and a general hedonistic existence. Only in the depths of human misery and tragedy may true art be created. Rejecting main stream notions of art, they Degenerate artist defies social norms, mores, and taboos, like the painting of Sigmar (before the painting was burned along with it's painter by Witchhunters) in a jar of urine. The most famous Degenerate Artists are the ones who die, for only after death is a Degenerate Artist truly appreciated...The most famous Degenerate Artist is the one eyed Marienburger Victor van Goff. The most famous Degenerate Poet is the Karl Chinaski.


  • Art (in requisite area)
  • Artistic Expertise (in requisite area)
  • Degenerate Artist
  • Consume Alcohol
  • Gamble
  • Immunity to Drugs
  • Seduction
  • Wit
  • Apartment, Squalid and Filthy
  • Art Supplies
  • Bawd Companion
  • Bottle of Rotgut
  • Dumpy Clothing
  • 25% Chance of Scabies
  • 25% Chance of d3 doses of Hallucinogic Drugs

Career Entries: Artist's Apprentice, Bawd, Entertainer, Actor, Poet

Career Exits: Agitator, Bawd, Beggar, Charlatan, Forger, Gambler, Raconteur, Ruffian

Artistic Expertise (New Skill)
The Art skill of the same sort is necessary to have Artistic Expertise. A character with Artistic Expertise can produce Artwork of far greater caliber than someone with just the Art Skill. This skill gives a further +10% to all Busk tests, and the Artist may demand two to three times as much for their work. The Artistic Expertise is divided up into the same categories as Art. This Skill will also include Muscianship and Sing.