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Alfred Nunez

Cultivators: (Basic)

Cultivators (also known as Seeders, Harvesters, or Greenpants) are wanderers who are experts in the conservation and replenishment of the earth's fertility, as well as the treatment of diseased plants. They travel from village to village sharing their lore with the local farmers and assist them if needed. Some Cultivators have taken to planting and tending (as well as protecting) orchards on a small cleared parcel of land along roads in the wilderness. The famous Johann Kirschesaat (who planted fruit trees along the Nuln-Moot Road to feed weary travelers) is an example of this type of Cultivator.
To become a Cultivator, one must have been an initiate of Rhya for at least one year and selected by a second level Cleric.

Advance Scheme

  • concealment rural
  • cure disease (plants only)
  • dowsing
  • herb lore
  • identify plant
  • silent move rural
  • specialist weapon- double-handed (flails only)
  • specialist weapon- polearms
  • specialist weapon- flail.
  • Bow
  • flail
  • pruning saw
  • seed pouches

Career Entrance: Initiate (Rhya)

Career Exits: Cleric (Level 1- Rhya), Explorer, Scout