From: "G.G.Lepper" <>
Subject: WFRP: Astrologer

Astrologer- Advanced Career

Many in the Old World feel that what happens below the stars, is a reflection of whats happening in the stars. By studying the heavens, one can learn a glimmer of what the gods have to tell. Astrologers are people who seek that knowledge. Recently they have come into vogue in courts, as Astrologers seek portents to the future of noble houses.


  • Astronomy
  • Astrology
  • Charm
  • Etiquette
  • Read Write
  • Secret Language Classical
  • Wit
  • Astrological Doodads and divining equipment
  • Star Charts
  • Rudimentary telescope
  • Writing Utensils
  • 1d6 books
    • The Stars and You
    • The Heavens and Their Secrets
    • Astrology from A to Z
    • The Stars are Your Friends
    • A Self Help Astrology Handbook
    • Predictions in under 20 Minutes
    • The Heavens and Your Love Life
    • Xaviers Book of Heavenly Bodies (not actually an Astronomy text, but smutty pornography.)
    • Ask The Gods...

This skill was published in a WD, and I can't remember the rules. If you have them, replace these with those. If you don't I'm sure this will do.

First, it's up to the GM to decide if this skill has any real powers or is just based on superstition. If it does, this skill allows a very, very, very vague prediciton of a possible future. By examining the heavens, for a few hours, and consulting charts, the character can:

  1. Draw up a birth star chart for a new born. Since the Astrologer will be long gone by the time the kid grows up, who cares if it's for real?!?!
  2. Draw up a chart for himself or a character. On a successful Int, test, the prediction will have a vague clue about the truth. For a warrior going into battle:
    "The sword of Myrmidia is entering the House of Morr, tomorrow, you face great danger, I see blood letting, but if you persevere, Victory could be yours!"
    If the GM isn't as cruel as me, he may give genuine bits of information of use. I prefer to snip out the day's horoscope and read that instead to the unwitting characters. If a game is moving quite slowly, you might want to use this to give a clue
    If the character fails, his prediction is wrong.
    "The stars say that the Chaos Army will retreat, if you confront them alone outside the Keep wearing only a cowbell!"
    Of course, if the Astrologer is dumb enough to tell the Lord that, let him meet my Executioner NPC. Hopefully, despite the prediction of the stars, the Astrologer PC would say:
    "hmm, the sword of Myrmidia is entering the House of Morr. Great blood shed ahead! I'm sure victory is certain. I think I could find out more if I were to go through the escape tunnel, to the hill, where I could have a better view of the stars..."
    Needless to say, Astrology rolls should be done by the GM in secret, and the prediction passed to the Astrologer, so that he could make the predicition public after "editing" it.
  3. If the players are droll enough, they can try to get a "yes/no" answer out of the stars. Let them try, and give them, if successful, an amibiguous response with maybe a little clue. If the Astrologer fails, give 'em the wrong answer, but kind of ambiguous, so they don't know right off it's the wrong answer.

Career Entries: Seer, Student, Charlatan, Wizard

Career Exits: Seer, Scholar, Charlatan, Philosopher

Notes: This is yet again another fun roleplaying career. No matter how many times the philosophers wrong, he'll be dead certain the stars have all the answers, and maybe he interpreted it wrong once or twice... As soon as the Astrologers says: "I have an idea, I'll divine it from the heavens!" the players should start to groan and throw dice and sharp objects at the Astrologer player and the GM!