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Subject: [WFRP:994] (Fwd) New Career: Artist's Apprentice

ARTIST'S APPRENTICE-Academic Basic Career

Young children discovered to have some form of artistic talent are often apprenticed to artists. The artist then forces the young prodigy to perform menial and petty tasks, like mixing paints, washing clothes, cleaning the artists house, cooking, or any other number of trivial tasks.

Occasionally, the artist may pass along some knowledge in a condescending fashion on to the apprentice. The Artist's Apprentice does get a chance to help out the Artist on their works. Painting in the sky, the rocks, and other background on the master's pieces, while the figures and central parts of the painting are rendered by the artist. Of course, all the work the Artist's Apprentice does, if good, will be attributed to the Artist...


Actor Acting
Public Speaking
Stage Makeup
Architect Architecture
Calligrapher Manuscript Illumination Ink
Dancer Dance Dance Costume
Painter Art-Paint Easel
Poet Art-Poetry
Public Speaking
Poetry Books
Sculptor Art-Sculpture Chisel
Marble Blocks
Singer Sing
Writer Art-Literature
Bound Blank Books

Career Entries : Entertainer

Career Exits : Artist, Beggar, Entertainer

Art (Revised Skill)
There are a number of art skills. This is not intended to be an exhaustive listing. The following can be considered Art skills:

Architecture-The design of building interiors and exteriors in aestetically pleasing forms. Facades, interiors, layouts, spires, domes, doorways, windows. Drafting and Engineering are requisites, and the application of Carpentry or Stoneworking is also useful.
Calligraphy-an intricate form of artistic writing, highly regarded and valued in Imperial Cathay and Nippon.
Ceramics & Pottery-Knowledge of hand pieces, wheels and spinning, and creation of pottery.
Coin Dies-Creation of coin molds and dies.
Drawing-Use of pastels, lead, and ink on paper, canvas, or sidewalks.
Illuminated Manuscripts-A mixture of drawing and painting, used in a miniaturist style to illuminate books and tomes.
Literature-The art of writing and expressing one's thoughts or ideas clearly. Read/Write is a prerequisite.
Painting-The application of paints to canvas, wooden boards, or frescoes.
Poetry-Use of rhyme, rythmn and prose in a particular form to create a poem. Popular in the Old World as well as in Cathay.
Printing Plates-The carving of wood or metal to make plates for printing presses.
Scrimshaw-The carving of designs or pictures onto ivory or bones. Popular in Norsca and the Southlands.
Sculpture-The three dimensional representation of forms and figure in marble or other mediums.