From: *Your Personal Savior* <>
Subject: [WFRP:994] (Fwd) New Career: Artist's Apprentice

ART PATRON-Advanced Career


  • Art
  • Blather
  • Charm
  • Dance
  • Etiquette
  • Jest
  • Read/Write
  • Wit
  • Coach
  • Opera Glasses
  • Patronage of the Most Fashionable Artists
  • Tons of money

The Art Patron is a rich Noble or Merchant, or their wives, who in their constant quest for status and prestige, turn to the patronage of someone with either a talent or a pretense of talent to give the Patron a degree of sophistication. The Art Patron often throws elaborate Parlor or Salon parties with all their envious friends and rivals, where the favored Artist and the Art Patron are the center. Champagne, fine clothing and jewelry, and pretentious conversation are in abundance. The pinnacle of the evening is when the self important and smug Art Patron has their parasitic, arrogant, and conceited Artist unveil the vainglorius piece to either an envious or a jeering audience of drunk egotistical "critics". The piece is typically some form of flattery or adulation in the form of a portrait or statue of the patron. An Artist that embarasses their patron is likely to fall from favor, while a good one will last until the Patron gets bored of them, or decides that the Artist is getting just too inflated or expensive to care for...

Career EntriesCareer Exits
  • Artist
  • Lawyer
  • Master Artist
  • Merchant
  • Noble Rank 2 and up
  • Philosopher
  • Scholar
  • Artist
  • Philosopher
  • Scholar